With this Sumo blog post, you can learn how to create engaging social media posts. The right tools help social media managers to highlight creative expression and draw the attention of the right audience. Oftentimes, it just boils down to how to make gifs and make the most out of an image editor.

Create engaging social media posts

To get followers for your social media channel, brand or company you need to create engaging, beautiful social media content. Luckily, creating stunning content is easier than ever. There are great free apps for creating social media posts, which naturally we will recommend our very own Sumopaint.
  1. Leverage Integrated Features

But whether you want to add a glitch effect, invert colors, or crop image, Sumopaint offers the best Adobe Creative Cloud alternative to create the most intuitive social media posts. With Sumopaint, you don’t need expert skills to post the most attractive social media posts. Easily create a social media post in minutes utilising our easy to use digital painting web app. You might also be wondering: “What are the best free apps for creating social media posts?” Well, you have come to the right place because Sumopaint is both easy to learn, fast to use on Chromebook, Windows PC or Mac and free to use.

Easily create beautiful social media posts with the free Sumopaint app.
  1. Become more Expressive

Unlike traditional or more advanced design tools, Sumopaint is highly flexible and easy to use. In fact, one of the best perks of Sumopaint is that it helps you curate posts that can live up to the high expectations of your audience.

  1. Create and Share Posts Instantly 

Sumopaint comes ready with a variety of professional graphics features. Use design templates, custom text, and beautiful images to create tailored social media posts. Even more, you can use our Sumopaint extension to choose any image on the web, right-click the image and open that in Sumopaint for editing. It really doesn’t get easier than this! Just remember to use a copyright-free or Creative Commons 0 license image. You can find thousands of images free from

  1. Create More Unique Social Media Posts

What makes a unique social media post? Well, it’s the one where you can add any type of photo with any color combination and background pattern. You can tailor images down to specific dimensions and post intuitive posts on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Create a Series

Social media feed is all about consistency and when you have access to an intuitive and layered tool like Sumopaint, you can curate and share posts on daily basis. It’s a great strategy to maintain a weekly or monthly social media cycle.

  1. Add Instant Text

You can use Sumopaint to add text for your social media post. No matter what size or font you decide on, it is incredibly easy to add text and align changes right on the main screen.

  1. Choose Specific Layout and Colors

You can also use Sumopaint to experiment with a wide range of layouts and color combinations. In fact, you’d be surprised how easy it can be to integrate different layout styles and color palettes into posts.  

  1. Make Custom Changes

In 2021, there is more than one way to personalize your social media post. You can use Sumopaint to animate text, add a logo, and personalize brand visuals.

  1. Produce Social Media Posts for Your Audience 

Social media has become an integral aspect of marketing strategy for brands. With Sumopaint, you can produce social media content that will appeal to your target audience rather than share generalized posts.

  1. Repurpose Previous Social Media Content

You can use Sumopaint to repurpose some of your old social media posts and boost engagement level and content authority altogether. This is a great way to remix and re-use your existing content and make your content marketing more efficient. This is how you can easily spend less time on your social media marketing.

Sum Up

With Sumopaint, you can create a winning social media strategy. Sumopaint can also help you realize that the best solutions are the simplest ones. It will help you produce high-performing and creative posts. Leverage Added Flexibility. You can also use Sumo Apps to brainstorm ideas for key social media posts and dive into mental exercises to share the best content for your target audience. And remember to try Sumopaint. It’s definitely one of the best apps for creating social media posts.